Welcome to annesweb.dk

Hello and welcome to my website.

On this site you can read about me and what I am doing in my professional life and how my career is developing. You can have a look at my CV and the site also contains a list of my publications. You will find information on my technical qualifications and the laboratory techniques that I am using in my work. If you like, you can find an extract of some of the travelling I have done over the years. There is also a small section on family-life, photos and other private stuff.

The photos decorating the site are my own snapshots of some of the beautiful things I have seen and lovely places I have been to in Denmark and around the world.



Anne Brosbøl-Ravnborg

Gartnerhaven 77
DK-8541 Skødstrup

Phone: +45 86166642
Mobile: +45 28715382

E-mail me here.


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